Eight Gifts Ideas to Add to Your List This Year

With the holidays just around the corner, I know everyone is asking, “what should I get my paralegal (or paralegal friend) for the holidays? I want it to be something special and something they would use.” After researching and consulting with several paralegals, I’ve compiled this list. While it is only a list of eight items in no particular order, hopefully you will find something for the paralegal in your life that’s perfect on this list. Better yet - it will serve as a jumping off point to find something even better.

1. Coffee Mug/Water Bottle. Most of the paralegals I know function on copious amounts of coffee. If it’s not coffee, then it is tea, soda, or water. Coffee mugs are the perfect gift because they hold all kinds of liquid. Extra points for a clever paralegal-related mug like this one, from The Perolatin’ Paralegal Sez collection.

The collection includes other gifts (t-shirts, tote bags, clocks, water bottles) with sayings such as “So far the highlight of my day has been finding a chocolate snowman from Christmas while cleaning out my desk.” and “No coffee, no workee.

2. A Fancy (and Reliable) Pen
Let me clarify here, by “fancy” I mean work appropriate, reliable, and NOT the standard pens disseminated by most offices. Pens are one of the items that paralegals are trained to bring with them at all times (along with paper). A pen is a paralegal’s trusty side-kick; it goes everywhere the paralegal goes whether it is to trial, to a witness interview, or to a meeting with an attorney. Think fountain pen types and give a paralegal the opportunity to write with style.

3. Fun Office Supplies. 
Let’s get real - I LOVE office supplies. When August hits, looking through the items in the back to school section brings me joy. Something tells me, as a paralegal, that I am not the alone. Items in this category could include fun Post-it® or sticky notes, a nice notebook, assorted colorful file folders, different colored or shaped paper clips, pushpins, and magnets. The list is endless.

4. Items for the Office. In most cases, more time is spent in the office than at a paralegal’s home. So naturally, making the workspace homey is important. You could find a nice frame so they can see their family throughout the day. An artsy print or paperweight would add some pizzazz to any office.

5. Tickets to an Event. 
There are several events one could purchase tickets to as a gift for a paralegal. Tickets to a home game for a sports lover would be an amazing gift. Concerts, ballets, symphonies, operas, plays, musicals, or movies are also great options for tickets. Keep in mind when buying tickets to an event, you may want to purchase two tickets - events are always more fun with a friend.

6. Membership to a Paralegal Association. 
By giving a paralegal membership to a paralegal association, you are investing in their future. There are national, state, and local associations with membership options. Be sure to double check membership benefits as some state and local memberships may include membership to a national association.

7. Lunch. Lunch
is part of the daily office routine, why not spruce up the monotony by taking your paralegal or paralegal friend to a nice lunch at her favorite restaurant or cafe. Get away from the office enjoy a nice leisurely lunch.

8. Time Off. 
This is for supervisors and managers who can actually give this gem. A little something everyone loves AND needs - time off! Every little bit is appreciated - from a day (or two or more) to an afternoon or morning off.

Honorable Mention - CLE Courses or Training

As with memberships to a paralegal organization, a gift of CLE courses or training shows you are invested in their future. CLE courses are offered by many organizations (make sure you do your research to find legitimate sources), and can be either online or in person.

This list is not just for holidays. Everyone loves to be appreciated throughout the year. A simple card stating how much your work is appreciated is sometimes all it takes. What’s on your list? Please share your list with Paralegals RTW.

A modified version of this article first appeared in OnPoint, the National Capital Area Paralegal Association's member-only quarterly magazine, in 2014.